Today, most of us can admit that we need training to accomplish many of the feats we want to accomplish, nevertheless, more than ninety percent of self-published authors have absolutely no writers’ training. For this reason, more than eighty percent of self-published books flop!

Anointed Fire House is committed to ensuring that our authors receive the information they need to release books that sell! Let us help you to write quality, wisdom-packed books. Our Remnant Writers’ classes are five-week long courses that will teach you the proper way to write Christian books and to market them. Join our online community, filled with students (published and unpublished) who’ve taken our course!

Our next Remnant Writers’ class is scheduled for April 9th, 2018 and will be hosted every Monday evening at 9:00pm EST. To register, please fill out the form below.

Remnant Writers’ Course Benefits

Learn to professionally write Christian books, avoiding the common mistakes that cost most first-timer authors thousands of dollars in sales.

Write books that pass most quality checks. This increases your book’s likelihood of showing up with retailers who ordinarily will not stock self-published books.

Authors who finish the Remnant Writers’ course can take $99 off their publishing packages if their books are completed before the course is completed.

Successfully complete your book in as little as five weeks. The system you learn will be beneficial in helping you to complete all of your future books in five weeks or less!

Become more marketable as an author. In a day and time where anyone can write a book, publishers and marketers alike are more likely to adopt and promote books from authors who’ve been properly trained.