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•Please know that every Ghostwriter has their own writing style, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with your Ghostwriter’s style before ordering.  Whether you work with Anointed Fire or another Ghostwriter, be sure to ask who your Ghostwriter will be, and purchase a book written by that Ghostwriter to ensure that their style of writing best suits your needs.  Our Ghostwriter is Tiffany Buckner, and you can make many of her books on her buy Lyrica europe.


•No reworks or revisions.  A Writer writes using words they are familiar with, and therefore, reworking or revising a book won’t change its tone when it’s written by the same writer.  The Author (yourself) can make changes, but we will not revise or rework the book unless a new agreement is entered and payment has been made.


•Please note that our Ghostwriters are Christian, God-fearing, and Holy Spirit led. With that being said, our Ghostwriters will NOT learn, research, study, or accept any doctrinal beliefs that are not their own. If your beliefs are extreme or legalistic, we will not accept your order.


•If you aren’t sure what type of book you’d like to write, we can help you, but you’d have to pay for our services before we offer any forms of coaching.


•We reserve the right to refuse our Ghostwriting services to anyone who offends the gospel in which we preach.  We will not write lies, nor will we write for liars.  If we don’t believe it, we won’t write it.


•We require 100% payment before we start writing.  No exceptions.


•Absolutely no refunds for any reason.


•If you need the book completed at an expected date, please discuss your timeline with us before placing your order.  If your timeline is less than six weeks (our normal time frame), you may be required to pay for express delivery.


•If you need your books in print before a specific date, please order your Ghostwriting eight weeks in advance.  Normally, we need up to six weeks to complete a book (up to 200 pages or 10,000 words).  If you’re hiring us for publishing, we need another week or two to completely and professionally format your book, get it to the printer and get it shipped to you.  The printer itself may take up to two weeks.


•Our Ghostwriting services come with one round of proofreading through our company, but you should always have your books (whether written by us or anyone) proofread at least two times before publishing.  We are premium writers who excel at writing quality, informative books, but that doesn’t change the rules for publishing best-seller quality books.  Of course, we have editors on staff who’d love to perform your second round of proofreads, and because the book was written by us, you’d need a light edit, which is our least expensive edit.


•We do allow payment arrangements, but again, we will not start writing a book until the final payment has been made.