1. If I submitted an order for publishing today, how long would it take before my book was published and ready for sale?
Answer: Truthfully, we couldn’t answer that question without knowing the length of your book and the services you will be needing.  Typically, if you’re just publishing a book without editing, we should be ready for print within one to two weeks.

2. I see an offer I want to take advantage of, but my book isn’t ready yet.  Can I pay for the offer now and submit the book later?
Answer: Of course.

3. What is Designer Directed and is it right for me?
Answer: Our Designer Directed™ packages are designed to help the majority of our customers save money.  Designer Directed™ means the Publisher and Designer will head up the design and formatting of the book without any direction from the client.  We are able to market our services for more than 50% less than other designs by simply offsetting the costs involved.  We have a huge library of stock images that we use to create your books, but when a person requests specifics, we either have to purchase more images or have the images drawn.  Of course, this could be expensive; nevertheless, the large majority of our customers prefer our Designer Directed™ packages because they allow the customers to save money and not have to deal with the headache of trying to figure out how their books should be designed or formatted.  Designer Directed™ is right for 90% of our customers.  The only customers who would have to consider our standard packages are customers who have specifics of how they want their books designed and formatted.

4. How much does Anointed Fire™ keep from the sales of my books?
Answer: Absolutely nothing!  You keep 100% of your earnings.  Please be advised, however, that many of the sites that sell your book will pay you royalties from your sales, but these royalties will be paid directly to you, and not us.

5. I already have the cover designed and the book formatted; I just need the book published.  Would this offset the costs a little?
Answer: No.  We do not accept previously formatted books because they oftentimes have to be reformatted.  Additionally, we don’t give discounts when someone submits book covers.  Again, many times, the items submitted have to either be redesigned or reworked to publish the books properly.