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Our Hybrid Packages are no longer available to the general public. If you’d like to submit your manuscript for consideration, please click the button (right) and fill out the form. Please note that it generally takes us four to twelve weeks to respond. We will, however, acknowledge that your submission was received.

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Manuscript Submission Tips

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Can i buy Pregabalin online, Buy me a rose lyrics

If I submit my book to you, how long will it be before I receive an answer?

It generally takes us anywhere between one to three months (four to twelve weeks) to respond back with an answer.

What types of books are normally accepted by Anointed Fire? And which ones are most likely to be rejected?

Anointed Fire’s market consists of people hungry for depth. In other words, we tend to favor books about deliverance (personal or general), Kingdom principles, the prophetic and creative fictional books that explain the mysteries of Heaven.

We often reject books that give what we call surface revelation, meaning, our audience won’t learn much from them. Instead, they’ll only revisit what they already know. And of course, we reject every book that promotes false doctrine!

If my book is rejected, will Anointed Fire House provide a reason as to why it was rejected?

In some cases, we may send an email explaining our decision, albeit, not in detail. Because every situation is different, we reserve the right to not offer an explanation when we believe that doing so would not benefit the author.

If my book is rejected, can I verbally speak with someone about it?

We offer responses via email in some cases, however, because words are often lost in personal translation, we will not discuss our reasons for rejecting a book over the phone.

Can I submit more than one book at once?

Of course!

If my book is accepted, what is my next step?

If your book is accepted, we will email you the password to view our Hybrid packages. You will then need to place your order after choosing the package that best suits your needs.

My book was accepted! How long do I have before I am required to place my order?

After a book is accepted, the author has 60 days to place his or her order. After 60 days, the book will have to be resubmitted. Please note that a book that was accepted can be rejected if it is resubmitted since the market is continually changing and new authors are coming on the scene every day.