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Since Hybrid Publishing is still somewhat new, it is not uncommon for authors and aspiring authors to ask, “What is Hybrid publishing, and is it better suited for me than Self publishing?”  The truth is: There is no such thing as a uniform Hybrid Publisher.  Each Hybrid Publisher defines the terms of their agreements in a way that best benefits their company’s visions.  With that being said, we’ve listed a few differences, as defined by Anointed Fire, so you can make an informed decision when ordering with us.

Hybrid Publishing


1. Pay less to get published.  With our Hybrid Publishing Packages, you pay substantially less than you’d pay for Self Publishing.

2. We will continue to market your book from our site to help drive more sales.

3. Hybrid Publishers receive a free press kit (up to 3 pages) with their orders.

4. Hybrid Publishers receive a free press release with their orders.

5. Books listed on our Hybrid platform are automatically listed as Premium Books, and as such, will be suggested/ marketed to retailers.  This does not guarantee, however, that the retailer will stock your book, but it will give your book more exposure.


1. Anointed Fire keeps up to 30% of your books’ sales, but this is only for books listed and sold from our sites or our other platforms (social media, partners, etc.).

2. Even though we will market your book, we cannot guarantee sales, nor can we guarantee more exposure.  We will simply present your book to bookstores, but it’s up to them if they want to pursue the book or not.

3. Anointed Fire will own 50% of the rights to your book, and as such, you cannot publish your book with any other publisher.  You can, however, buy us out of our share.

4. We won’t accept every book submitted to us.  We will only pursue premium, professionally written books that have been edited by us.

5. The final reading of the book will reflect our edits; meaning, we will remove sentences we feel aren’t adding to the book, and we will revise text to make it more suitable for Premium Publishing.  This is great news for some, but not so great for others.

Self Publishing


1. Retain 100% rights to your book.

2. Earn 100% of your book’s profits, minus the fees charged by affiliate sites to list/ sale your book.

3. Our prices are more than 50% less than other Publishers.

4. The final reading of your book will reflect your edits/ acceptances as opposed to our own.

5. Books listed on our Self Publishing platform are automatically listed may or may not be listed as Premium Books.  If your book is listed as a Premium book, this may work in your favor with some book stores and agents.


1. Pay more to get published.  Needless to say, however, our prices are still more than 50% less than other Publishers, so in paying more, you’re still paying less.

2. We may or may not continue to market your book from our site to help drive more sales.

3. Self Publishers must pay for extra services such as press kits and press releases.

4. You must market your own book to drive more sales.

5. Books listed on our Self Publishing platform are automatically listed as Premium Books, but will not be marketed to retailers.

6. Ordering Self Publishing won’t get you past the Editor.  As of January 1, 2015, we no longer publish books that are not edited, since we are looking to appeal to many large retailers.  Additionally, if you hire another editor, you must hire Anointed Fire for a proofread to sure your book meets our Premium Standards.