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Imagine a boxer.  His training is intense, and the closer the time comes for the big fight, the more anxiety he feels.  He wants to give up because the pressure is intense.  He wasn’t always like that, however.  He was once excited about becoming a boxer, and he loved training for the fights; nevertheless, the thought of getting hurt, losing the fight and the thoughts of public humiliation are beginning to take it’s toll on him.
Thank goodness his coach is there to make sure he doesn’t give up.  His coach ushers him through the intense training, encouraging him to fight his way to a victory.

A Writer’s Coach has many roles.  Our goal is to get you to where you belong: in the writer’s box with a successful book.  Do you need a Writer’s Coach? Of course!  Every good writer needs a Writer’s Coach, and every successful writer is glad that they hired one!

Fire Coaching Plan A
$99/ Hour
Coaching plus manuscript review
Fire Coaching Plan B
Includes 4 Hours (1 Per Week) of Coaching Sessions
Coaching plus manuscript review
You Save $72
Fire Coaching Plan C
Includes 4 Hours (1 Per Week) of Coaching Sessions
Coaching plus manuscript review
Custom Written Marketing Strategy
You Save $200