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How important is a press release?  Let’s put it this way: A press release can make the difference between selling a few books to selling thousands of books.  Additionally, a press release must be professional, excellent and full of information.

Anointed Fire™ offers professional press release services, which include:
•Press Release Writing Services
•Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release (Write-Up) Basic
Professional Press Release Write-Up
Up to 300 Words
Press Release (Write-Up) Standard
Professional Press Release Write-Up
Up to 500 Words
Press Release (Write-Up) Pro-Elite
Professional Press Release Write-Up
Up to 1000 Words
Press Release (Distribution) Basic
Press Release Listed on Three Sites
Press Release (Distribution) Standard
Press Release Listed on SBWire and Three Additional Sites
Press Release (Distribution) Pro-Elite
Press Release Distributed to One Hundred or More News Outlets