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Anointed Fire™ now offers transcription services.  We will professionally transcribe your video, audio or document for you and convert it to Microsoft Word or PDF format.  Let us turn your audio files into books files.  *Editing not included unless otherwise noted.

Audio Transcription
$100 Per Hour
60 Minutes of Audio Transcription to Document Format
*No Editing
Video Transcription
$100 Per Hour
60 Minutes of Video Transcription to Document Format
*No Editing
Document Transcription
$100 Per 5,000 Words
5000 Words Transcribed from Document
*No Editing

Editing Fees (Reminder)

Light Copy Edit/ Proofread
3.50/ Page
Page = 250 Words
Book Edited & Proofread by Two Professionals
Copy Edit
6.50/ Page
Page = 250 Words
Book Edited & Proofread by Two Professionals
Hard Edit
$12/ Page
Page = 250 Words
Book Edited & Proofread by Two Professionals
$20/ Page
Page = 250 Words
Book Edited & Proofread by One Professional