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Tiffany Buckner

The Book of Reflections

Wise Her Still Three-Fold is a compelling follow-up to the Wise Her Still series. This phenomenal book is a must-have guide for single and not-so-single Christian women. Wise Her Still Three-Fold contains a compilation of fictional stories written to bring revelation and restoration to women. Each story is followed up by hard-hitting facts and truths so potent, they will change the way you view life, relationships and God.

The Book of Revocation

Wise Her Still Three-Fold (The Book of Revocation) is a powerful and revelatory guide designed to help you to get to revelation knowledge without having to go through the valley of experience. This book highlights the bad choices that are common to today’s generation of women and that will likely be commonplace for the generations to come. This book will help you to get a God’s-eye-view of yourself so that you can revoke every ungodly process that’s active in your life.